Rowan Cobelli

Yoga is something that amazes me and continues to open my eyes to many beautiful insights into life, my mind and its relationships.  My training has come through the Integral School with Swami Satchidananda.  Practicing for 18 years and teaching full time for 12, I am now offering yoga from a variety of perspectives.  Through my own exploration, and the insightful way Integral Yoga brings all aspects of Yoga and Yoga Philosophy into the actual mechanics of movement, I teach how to blend many skills and depths into a way of moving.

Peace  in Movement

Through my own exploration and the guidance of inspirational teachers I am sharing a variety of angles from which to approach Yoga. Integrating yoga philosophy as a way of moving; the pace, tempo and quality of attention creates the environment for the student’s own depth and inner well-being to be experienced.  Using anatomical orientation as a base, a door is opened to the subtle, where our relationship to practice takes a whole new direction and experience. Through guidance students develop a quality of movement that contains reverence, a willingness to look, and a freshness to explore from the familiar to the unknown.

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