Lynette (Sumukhi) Webb

BA(Hons) is certified to teach Integral Yoga Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Hatha, Pranayama and Meditation. Sumukhi is a certified British Wheel of Yoga Recognised Teacher and has a City & Guilds Certificate in Further Education Teaching. Sumukhi is also the author of “The Yoga Handbook” published 2004.

After her initial yoga training in 1989 Sumukhi has served Integral Yoga as founder and Director of the Dorset Centre, Chairperson for the UK Council, Head Trainer and teacher trainer. As well as public and private classes Sumukhi currently specializes in working on a one-to-one basis with people suffering with depression and other stress related illnesses.

Outlook of life: I really do my best to accept and enjoy each day as it comes; to “be good and do good” in some way and I find I don’t worry. I feel blessed to have met and spent time with our Beloved Gurudev who’s unconditional love, acceptance and teachings inspire and guide me everyday. I consider it an honour and privilege to be able to share His wonderful teachings through Integral Yoga classes and to see the fruits of those teachings blossom in the lives of other students and teachers.

Favourite Yoga Asana: In a way this can change daily. I love to listen to this little body and allow it to lead me into the postures it needs. Having said that, it seems particularly fond of Sirshasana – headstand, loving the sense of strength and balance during the pose and stillness and peace after. Another favourite is Paschimotanasana – full forward bend. After the body settles into the pose “I” seem to disappear – there’s just peace.

Extra Special Asana: Cudasana – Cuddle Pose. Sharing a cuddle with my 6 year old daughter Ocean and my husband Nick I feel so blessed and contented.

A teaching that inspires you: “Just Love” This is what Gurudev told me to do. Any upset, difficulty, challenge – accept and pour out love, unconditional love. Be in the moment and become present to love. When my mind quietens down there’s just love. This teaching helps me to be the best Mother, Wife, Daughter and Teacher I can be. “Love is the very life breath of your heart. It is not affected by insults or offence. Love knows how to adapt and adjust, to forgive and forget. ” H.H. Sri Swami Sivanada.

Sumukhi can be contacted on 01202 269560

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