Sri Lanka Project

The charity Rev. Padma set up in Sri Lanka has been going for over 10 years now and is growing in its ability and scope.

The original education and nutritional programme is currently helping over 40 of the very poorest children in one village in the north of Sri Lanka. When school finishes at 2pm, the children receive a nutritious lunch, milk and vitamins to combat their malnutrition and then they receive extra tuition in 4 subjects (maths, English, Tamil & science) plus a yoga class – every day. This has made such an incredible difference to their lives that they are now passing their government exams (GCSE equivalents) with A & B grades for the first time and the children from previous projects are now attending university, training to become engineers, doctors and teachers.

There are 89,000 widows under the age of 24 in the north of Sri Lanka whose husbands were sadly killed at the end of the war a few years ago. These young widows all have children and no means of support. We are now helping them by setting up a Women’s Co-operative business where they can make products that we can sell here in the UK and Europe. After Integral Yoga’s last visit this February, a small team of are travelling with Rev. Padma to Sri Lanka in November to begin setting up the Women’s Co-operative business for the young widows.

The Sri Lankan team have identified a piece of land where we can build cottages for their co-operative industry so they can begin to support themselves and their children at long last. The land we wish to purchase costs £6,000 – a very small sum compared to UK costs. So we are asking everyone to do whatever you can now to help us raise £6,000 to buy this land before our visit in November. Whatever you can do, pledge or give will be very, very gratefully received.

It is hard for us to imagine what it is like for these women, these young widows, suffering from violent bereavement and trying to feed their children without any social security and very very few jobs so I know you will do whatever you can to help us in any way you can.

Thank you all for your kindness and support over the years – and for your continued love and generosity to help these young women and their children.

To pledge your support, please email Rev. Padma on Thank you so very much.

Om Shanthi

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